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The Advantages of Concrete Over Asphalt

22, Feb

The Advantages of Concrete Over Asphalt

When paving driveways or adding hard surfaces on any property, the choice of material for most owners is between concrete and asphalt. Although asphalt is a popular choice given its cheaper price tag, concrete offers a lot of advantages over asphalt that property owners should take into consideration.

The need for paving services varies depending on several factors including the application and location. Understanding the advantages of concrete over asphalt begins with knowing how each material is comprised. Asphalt is an aggregation of stone, sand, and gravel with an oil-based bonding agent to hold it together.

Concrete, however, is made up of materials such as limestone, rock, and water. Due to the differences in composition, rigid concrete is a much stronger material than asphalt once it has hardened and cured—leading to a more durable drive or lot. Concrete tends to hold up better than asphalt to typical wear and tear over time.

Set It and Forget It with Concrete

Drives, lots, and slabs paved with asphalt also tend to require more maintenance than those poured with concrete. Going with concrete means less time, energy, and money required for repairing or sealing the area in the future.

While asphalt may present a lower initial cost for paving, many contractors and construction experts will tell you that it will cost much more in the long run due to its maintenance. For those looking to set it and forget it, a professional concrete paving job is the way to go.

The Advantages of Concrete Go Well Beyond Long-term Costs

Other advantages include environmental factors and efficiencies. Aside from the toll it takes on our natural resources, asphalt is also a hazard once it has met its end of life and needs to be disposed of. Concrete on the other hand is much more recyclable than asphalt.

Along with these other advantages, concrete also provides more options for the look and feel of the finished product. Concrete allows for staining, tinting, etching, and stamping to match surrounding aesthetics. With asphalt, the color and design are not customizable like they are with concrete.

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