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Is Your Metal Building Ready for Winter?

29, Jan

Is Your Metal Building Ready for Winter?

Some areas of the country obviously experience different winter weather conditions than others. Therefore, preparing your metal building for winter will vary depending on your specific location. An area like the Upstate of South Carolina, for example, sees average temperatures that tend to stay above freezing in winter. Is your metal building ready for winter?

The issues for a more temperate climate will be less about dealing with snow accumulation and more about handling the large swings in temperature, along with other types of precipitation. The winter months typically see the highest amounts of precipitation for the Greenville and Spartanburg areas, which can mean ice and sleet when temperatures drop sharply during the winter months.

Taking some steps to prep and make your metal building ready for winter weather is typically much more cost effective than having to pay for issues that arise down the road. Fortunately, one reason why many businesses and homeowners choose to go with a metal structure is because they tend to require less maintenance in general.

Keep the Area Clean and Keep the Winter Weather Out

Begin with removing any debris that has accumulated since that last time you cleaned around the building. Getting rid of grime, leaves, and other contaminants will help your drainage systems stay clear over the winter and prevent wear on the building itself as the debris deteriorates.

Late fall is also a great time to check all the seals around your metal building. Examining existing weatherproofing around the doors, windows, roof, and any other openings may reveal the need to redo cracked or missing seals.

Overgrown Landscape is a Major Winter Threat to Your Structure

Despite the type of winter weather you see in your area, remove vegetation that may be encroaching on your building. A visual inspection around the property may reveal that trees or bushes have grown up against the building.

Cutting them back will protect against leafless limbs scratching against the exterior of the building during windy winter storms. Making space between vegetation and the building also guards against damage if ice accumulates, weighing it down causing it to snap.can

The most important step to ensuring your metal building is well prepared for winter weather, or that of any other season, is choosing a reputable contractor for its construction like Price Construction, Inc. Call Price Construction, Inc. at 864-578-1008 or use our online contact form to request more information on adequately preparing your metal building for winter.

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