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Pouring Concrete

19, Mar

Pouring Concrete
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pouring Concrete

There is a good reason why people hire a contractor when they need concrete poured on their property. Concrete is the most commonly used man-made material in the world, but getting it just right is difficult.

Concrete is so popular because it is such a versatile, inexpensive, and solid construction material that lasts for quite a long time if used properly. The key, however, is always ensuring concrete is poured correctly and the following common mistakes are avoided.

When concrete fails over time, the cause can typically be found in how the material was originally poured. Concrete is very adaptable and works well in all climates so long as some common mistakes are not made.

Know the Sweet Spots of Pouring Concrete

There is a sweet spot when it comes to the amount of moisture in concrete being mixed. It is in mixing concrete that many people make the first mistake that leads to the concrete later failing. Concrete that is either too wet or too dry means the cement will not cure properly.

While concrete holds up well in all temperatures if poured properly, it is important to only mix and pour concrete within a specific window. Pouring concrete when the air temperature is too hot causes your concrete to cure too quickly. On the flip side, pouring concrete when the air temperature is too low, the concrete will not be as strong after it hardens.

The Finishing Touches Cause the Greatest Frustration

Even after getting the proper mix and pouring in the right climate, the opportunities to make a mistake become even greater as the project comes to an end. Adding the finishing touches using a trowel are where many amateurs get the most frustrated.

Just as is the case with moisture and temperature, there is a short window of time for troweling and smoothing poured concrete. Finishing the concrete is best accomplished when the surface water has dried, but while the concrete is still pliable.

Finishing the concrete too early will lead to flaking and failing early. On the other hand, finishing too late means an uneven surface fraught with rough spots.

There is a lot to consider in pouring concrete correctly. Fortunately, the pros at Price Construction Company have decades of concrete pouring experience to rely on. Call Price Construction Company at 864-578-1008 or use our online contact form to request more information on pouring concrete perfectly for your next job.

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