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5 Reasons to Choose A Steel Barn Over a Wooden Barn

10, Mar

5 Reasons to Choose A Steel Barn Over a Wooden Barn

When most people think about a barn, they likely remember the old wooden barns of yesteryear. While these types of barns bring back warm and fuzzy memories, they may not be the most cost effective option when it comes to building a barn today. At Price Construction, we’re big fans of choosing a steel barn instead of a wooden barn for a variety of different reasons. Read on to learn why you should strongly consider a steel barn for your property.

Why Choose a Steel Barn Instead of a Wooden Barn?

Below are just a few reasons why we feel strongly that a steel barn may be a better option for you compared to going with a wood structure.

  1. Reduced Maintenance – Wooden structures by their nature can require quite a bit of maintenance. Painting and replacing rotten wood as needed is expensive and time consuming. With galvanized steel barns, you’ll need to complete far less maintenance and yet have a structure that’s highly resistant to rain, snow, wind, hail and all the other elements Mother Nature tends to send our way here in the Upstate area.
  2. Strong Foundation – Most wooden pole barns are installed directly into the ground. While the wood is treated, it can only take so much when it comes to weather extremes. Steel barns are anchored to a concrete foundation, making them much more durable and resistant to weather.
  3. Construction Time – One of the largest advantages of steel structures is the speed with which they can be constructed. Our team at Price Construction can have a steel barn constructed for you much faster than the time it would take to build a wooden barn.
  4. Aesthetics – Gone are the days where metal buildings had to be unattractive. At Price Construction, we’ve created all different types of steel buildings, and can add a variety of finishes such as brick, stucco and other materials that will make your steel building look incredibly attractive.
  5. Durable – Steel barns are resistant to insect damage, stand up to all types of weather and are virtually indestructible.

Reach Out to Price Construction For Information on Steel Barns 

If you’re ready to construct a steel barn on your property, feel free to reach out to the Price Construction team today at 864-578-1008. We’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate that will show you just how economical building steel structures can be. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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