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4 Uses For A Commercial Metal Building

25, Feb

4 Uses For A Commercial Metal Building

A growing trend in commercial metal building construction is the use of prefabricated steel buildings. This modern option is cost effective, environmentally friendly and suitable for any number of commercial applications. The uses of a commercial metal building range from popular, everyday uses to the very specific and unusual. This article highlights a broad range of uses that still only touches on a fraction of the possibilities – you are really only limited by your imagination!

Commercial Storage

Metal buildings are great for commercial storage because they are durable and easily customized. This means it’s easy to add any number of garage style doors for large equipment. It also means less worry about damage to the structure as is common with large equipment or other storage. The floor plan can be totally open concept or modular with very little extra effort. These traits make metal buildings ideal for commercial storage units, equipment storage and warehouses. It’s even ideal for aircraft hangers, terminals or boat and RV storage!

Service Industry

Metal buildings are the true “no fuss” option. Low maintenance, open concept and easy customization means they are ideal in any number of service industry applications. Uses can include the automobile industry from dealerships to service garages, auto detailing, towing companies, storage and shipping companies. Beyond that, almost any industrial service can benefit from the durability of a pre engineered steel building. They are commonly used for industrial shops such as electrical, cabinet-making, locksmithing, machining, landscaping, HVAC, computer repair and appliance servicing. Even non-industrial applications like dog kennels/groomers, food service are common uses for metal buildings.

Retail and Office Spaces

The customization of metal buildings makes them perfect for both retail and office spaces. The huge variety of finishing options means your interior can be as polished or rugged as you like. While service applications may go for a more unfinished interior, retail and office applications can create an interior equal to that of traditional structures but at a lower cost and with lower maintenance requirements. From restaurants to shops to dental offices and contemporary churches, there’s no end to the possibilities.

Recreational Facilities 

Since metal buildings can offer large, indoor spaces with minimal obstruction, they’re also great for housing recreational facilities. They are easy to configure with environmental control, making them the premier choice for facilities like skating rinks and swimming pools. Their customization allows for their regular use as paintball arenas, sporting arenas/courts, gyms, bowling alleys and rock climbing facilities, just to name a few.

Whatever your imagined commercial use for a new building, prefabricated metal structures are likely the superior option. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements and how we can meet them, please call us today at 864-578-1008. At Price Construction, our trained professionals are here to help, every step of the way.



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