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Contemporary Churches Continue to Choose Metal Building Construction

10, Dec

Contemporary Churches Continue to Choose Metal Building Construction

Pre-engineered steel buildings offer a versatile and cost effective solution to many traditional building methods, which is why some contemporary churches continue to choose metal building construction. There are many applications in which a pre-fabricated, steel metal building is a superior choice outright, such as in the construction of contemporary church buildings. Here’s why:

They’re Cost Effective

Steel metal buildings are easy to customize for little to no additional cost. In terms of cost per square foot, there’s no other building method that even comes close to meeting the traditional needs for a building at such a low cost.

Construction is Fast and Easy

Since pre-engineered steel buildings are pre-fabricated, putting them together is much easier than constructing a building from scratch. They’re made to be fitted together according to their instructions and don’t require a team of carpenters.

Long Lifespan With Minimal Maintenance

Metal buildings outlast traditional construction materials by a longshot. Not only are they durable in use and the weather they can withstand, they also require very little maintenance since steel is much more robust than wood.

Greater Uninterrupted Floor Space

Due to the strength of the steel in a metal building, they are capable of providing a much wider span of floor space than traditional buildings. This means more space for community activities or pews/seating areas with an uninterrupted view of the front of the church during services. You get more uninterrupted space without making any compromise of safety.

Cheaper to Insure

Due to their lower cost construction and because steel is not flammable, steel buildings typically necessitate much lower insurance rates. This is especially critical and important for organizations like churches that rely on donations to pay their overhead.

 Energy Efficient and Recyclable

When steel buildings are properly insulated, their heating and cooling costs are significantly lower than those of traditional buildings of a similar size, keeping costs and emissions low. Steel is also recycled more often than any other material in the world. In fact, almost all steel contains a sizeable percentage of already recycled metals and the resulting steel is 100% recyclable itself.

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