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Advantages of Steel Garage Construction

14, Apr

Advantages of Steel Garage Construction

When adding a steel garage to your commercial or residential property there are several factors to consider. Many people will think about use and size, but a sometimes forgotten aspect of construction is material. The most popular material for commercial structures is steel. Whether your new garage is for commercial use or residential, steel is probably the best choice for your new construction for a number of different reasons.

Steel Buildings Are Long on Durability and Short on Maintenance

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free structure, but there are some that require much less upkeep than others over the years. A traditional wooden structure tends to need more attention and brings more worries than a metal building.

Wooden structures are a haven for termites and other pests who feast on the material and degrade its reliability over time. Not only do insects eat away the material, but they can also make a home in the wood; which creates a safety hazard. There are no metal-eating vermin so this is a nonissue for steel-built structures.

Other reasons a garage built of wood demands more maintenance is due to the need for an asphalt shingled roof and painting. A metal structure with a metal roof is much less susceptible to damage and costly repairs. The exterior needs a simple power washing to maintain its look; which is much cheaper and requires less time than a full paint job.

There Are Many Reasons to Choose Metal Over Wood

Not only is the cost to maintain a metal building much less than a wooden-built structure, it is also less expensive to build. The materials for a metal building are constructed and assembled at a manufacturing site ahead of time. These sub-assemblies are then transported and fully assembled on site. This method allows for a lower cost per square foot and less time to complete the construction. Read more about the Common Uses for Engineered Steel Buildings.

Along with doing a better job of standing up to mother nature, a metal-built garage also gives you more flexibility when it comes to floor plan. Due to the inconsistencies of lumber, wood buildings require precisely placed interior load-bearing walls to support the weight of the structure. Steel buildings, however, can clear spans much wider with no load bearing walls or columns. This allows much more clearance for vehicles and equipment.

Find A Builder Who Specializes in Steel Buildings like Price Construction

Steel-built structures can serve a broad range of uses. If your home or business is in need of a quality built garage to be constructed quickly while giving you the highest value, call Price Construction at 864-578-1008 or use our online contact form.


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