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Spartanburg Regional Streetscape Project

10, Jul

Spartanburg Regional Streetscape Project

The city and County of Spartanburg, South Carolina has been fully engaged in a revitalization of downtown and many other areas.

Recently, Price Construction Company started Phase 1 of the Spartanburg Regional Hospital Streetscape Project. Over the past several weeks, a team of contractors and heavy equipment has been flexing muscle and moving a whole lot of dirt. Below are just a few of the numbers…

Materials Used:

  • Approximately 220 tons of demolished concrete hauled off.
  • Approximately 1,200 sq. yds. of existing asphalt demolished and hauled off
  • 250 Tons of red fill dirt hauled in.
  • 680 LF. of new curbing installed.
  • Approximately 530 sq. yds. of new asphalt installed.
  • 1,720 Sq. Ft. of new sidewalk installed.
  • 2,242 Sq. Ft. of new concrete installed to form a decorative standing area along N. Church Street.
  • 2,282 Sq. Ft. of hand laid pavers installed.

This is just the beginning!

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