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Renovation – Tips for Staying Open for Business

09, Sep

Renovation – Tips for Staying Open for Business
Tips for Staying Open for Business During a Renovation

One of the greatest deterrents to improving and adding space for any business is the thought of losing business during construction. While it makes sense on the surface, this kind of thinking is detrimental long-term. An owner or group does not want to lose business so they choose not to renovate, then they ultimately lose business because they do not renovate. Do you see the trap?

Fortunately, once getting over the initial fear, there are ways in which a business can stay open and maintain their current level of activity during construction. Here are a few insights into how to get the job done with minimal disruption to your business.

Planning is Key to Staying Open During a Renovation

Maintaining a high level of service to customers during a remodel requires a high level of planning between the owner and the contractor. Adequate time spent meeting to go over any issues and maintaining communication throughout the project is critical.

Owners most likely desire for work to be done during off hours. Contractors, however, may or may not be able to secure adequate labor and subcontractors during off hours. Extensive planning between the client and the contractor before construction begins is where these agreements are hammered out.

Contractors and owners can then plan accordingly given the realities of the situation. Decisions made during these planning meetings will shape the accommodations owners can make during construction to continue their business as needed.

Communication is the Other Key to Staying Open During a Renovation

Following an abundance of planning prior to the first day of demolition, regular check-ins between owners and contractors keep everyone on the same page during the project. A combination of face-to-face interactions and electronic communication should be part of the process.

Businesses also must over communicate the timeline and the motivation behind the project to their customers. Along with sharing the schedule through various channels, helping clientele understand that the improvements are for their benefit is also important. Customers and employees will put up with some disruption for a time if they believe the purpose is well intended.

Transparency between the owner, contractor, and customers goes a long way to helping a company stay open for business during a renovation. This all starts with the right partner for the job. Price Construction is an experienced general contractor who has been serving parts of South Carolina like Greenville, Spartanburg, and beyond for over 40 years. Call Price Construction at 864-578-1008 or use our online contact form to see how we can help you stay open while renovating office space.

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