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Preparing Your Newly Constructed Building for Winter

17, Nov

Preparing Your Newly Constructed Building for Winter

Winter weather brings all kinds of potential threats to buildings and other construction. This is true especially for areas of the country where moisture ramps up during the colder months. Even if we don’t get a lot of snow here in the Upstate, it still can be wet, damp and cold during the winter!

Fortunately, there are ways that you and your employees or family can begin to hedge against the coming winter weather to avoid both full blown disasters and little inconveniences brought on by the cold climate. Prepping your building for winter now can go a long way to save you headaches later.

Start with the Most Exposed Parts of the Building

Taking advantage of the more comfortable temperatures in the fall season to complete a thorough inspection of your building’s exterior is the first step in preparing for winter-readiness. Checking the condition of exterior walls, roofing, overhangs, and other parts of the building that are most exposed to whatever conditions the winter weather brings will give you an idea of your building’s overall condition.

One major reason for starting with the largest exterior portions of the building first is to allow enough time to make repairs before the weather prohibits outdoor work. Giving yourself time to gather multiple estimates along with developing a plan for material and labor will save you money over having to try to fix an issue in a flurry once it has been deemed an emergency in the dead of winter.

Openings Require a Close Eye

From there, you can move on to the less critical parts of the building that are less likely to be impacted by winter weather. Moving away from the exterior of the building to examine parking areas and landscaping will help identify necessary fixes now.

Frigid temperatures and precipitation will have less of an impact on these areas if you make repairs early. Sealing cracks, filling holes, and clearing drainage systems early are inexpensive fixes that will save resources from being spent on much larger problems caused by winter weather.

Once all outside areas have been handled, it is time to move indoors. The greatest areas under threat on the interior of the building are windows, doors, and any other opening to the outside. Simple measures like replacing or adding caulking and weather stripping may be necessary where it was not in the past due to settling of the building since its last inspection.

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