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Preparing the Construction Site for Steel Buildings

27, May

Preparing the Construction Site for Steel Buildings

Much of the preparation for constructing a new steel building is done offsite. The plans are engineered beforehand and much of the building material is prefabricated in a warehouse prior to being transported to the construction site.

Despite having the benefit of so much work being done in other locations, site prep is still important to a successful build. Factors like how long construction lasts and the longevity of the building itself depend on how well the site is prepared before it even begins.

There Are Several Steps to Preparing the Site

Once surveys are completed and permits are in hand, the first step in getting the site ready to build on is clearing the space. Any existing structures, trees, or brush must be removed from the site. This task most often requires the use of heavy equipment, depending on the scope of the demolition services and the manpower available.

Plan ahead for how you will dispose of whatever needs to be removed. Otherwise construction may be delayed due to debris left on the work site when the materials arrive. Most contractors in your area will have a good idea of ordinances on how waste can be transported and disposed of properly.

Having a good understanding of the utility work needed for the new building and what is already established near the site is also important before construction begins. The local utility companies can point you in the right direction for how to locate existing lines that you can tie into or have relocated.

Later Site Prep Work Is More Labor Intensive

Some people may be able to handle the demolition and locating of utilities themselves. Following this initial work, however, the next steps will most likely require calling in the professionals. If the land does not have an appropriate grade naturally, the use of heavy machinery will be required to ensure adequate drainage and other factors important to the longevity of the structure.

Thinking through vehicle and foot traffic around the metal building will determine what paving is needed. Depending on the specifics of your job, this paving can be taken care of as part of preparing the construction site. Just like with the grading, headaches can be avoided after construction if proper professionals take care of the paving.

Whatever stage of preparation you are in, from initial idea to a site fully ready for construction, Price Construction is here to help ensure your new steel building meets all your needs. Call Price Construction at 864-578-1008 or use our online contact form today.

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