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Now Is the Time to Invest in a Metal Building

25, Jun

Now Is the Time to Invest in a Metal Building
With Lumber Prices Skyrocketing Now is the Time to Invest in a Metal Building

The cost of all building materials and supplies continues to be on the rise currently. However, there is one heavily used material that is outpacing all others at the moment.

The cost of lumber has been described as an explosion by those familiar with the industry. Over the last year, the price of lumber has increased 377% according to some market data experts. This is an insane jump that no one saw coming and is affecting everyone!

Demand is Rising While Supply is Dwindling

Consider how much more money you have to spend on lumber in order to build the same sized structure today. In the spring of 2020, $50,000 would have provided enough lumber to build over 10 average single family unit homes. Today, however, spending that same amount will yield enough lumber for only 2 homes.

Lumber tends to be the most important commodity used in construction, but just because it is the most commonly used material does not necessarily make it the best material for the job. Rather than a typical framed wooden structure, many home and business owners are finding another option to be the better choice.

There is A More Economical and Customizable Option

While the cost of iron and steel have also seen an increase, it is nothing like what we have seen in lumber. A pre-engineered metal building is a great alternative to the typical wooden structure. Price Construction, Inc. has been providing high-quality metal buildings to residents and companies throughout the Upstate of South Carolina for decades.

It is helpful to see a portfolio of various metal buildings to avoid what may come to mind when you think of a pre-engineered metal structure. The ability to add features like a brick front and other embellishments make for creating customized aesthetics you might not know were possible with a metal building.

Choosing a metal building from Price Construction, Inc. means not having to choose between waiting for the price of lumber to fall later or breaking the bank today. With the cost of lumber reaching a record high, there has never been a better time to consider investing in a metal building for your property.

Call Price Construction, Inc. at 864-578-1008 or use our online contact form to learn how to invest in a metal building that can best suit your needs today!

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