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Gravel Parking Lot Construction in South Carolina

24, Jul

Gravel Parking Lot Construction in South Carolina

Millhouse logistics identified Price Construction as best construction company in Spartanburg for some improvements to their newest facility.

Step One was an 80′ x 60′ concrete slab loading dock for truck access.

A staging area for their truck and trailers was the next order of business. We cleared an acre of wooded area, harvested the lumber, mulched the stumps and then removed all of the topsoil off of the cleared area.

600 Tons of granite crusher run was then spread, graded and the compacted properly leaving the owner with a stunning functional crushed gravel parking area.

A smooth parking area will boost productivity and safety for the Millhouse workers and clients for years to come.

Do you have a project coming up that could use a Price Construction Company approach? Give us a call, we will help you make sure you stay in the black and be on time.

That is the Price Construction promise.

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